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Welcome to the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Minnesota website
hosted by Meadowbrook Insurance Group

Meadowbrook Insurance Group is proud to be AASP-MN's sponsored provider for workers' compensation insurance.

For a free no-obligation quote call 800.726.9006 today.

With the Meadowbrook Plan, AASP-MN members receive the following exclusive advantages:

Proven Value

  • The coverages you need for your business
  • Dividend programs available for workers' compensation coverage;
  • Claims cost containment programs to help keep future premiums low
  • Professional loss control support

Service Excellence

  • Experienced direct sales staff
  • Easy access to professional and friendly customer service representatives (800.825.9489)
  • Prompt and effective claims management
  • Personalized loss control support including: risk management consultations, loss control education, safety literature, and data on most common injuries for your industry


Founded in 1955, Meadowbrook Insurance Group specializes in creating workers' compensation insurance programs specifically for associations and industry trade groups. Meadowbrook owns and operates six domestic insurance carriers which are licensed on both an admitted and no-admitted basis in all fifty states.

Meadowbrook is committed to a long-term relationship with AASP-MN, its members and their employees.